Terry D. – Waco Patient

One month ago, my wife convinced me to visit Baxter Hearing for an evaluation. I had been having a lot of trouble hearing since I returned from Vietnam in 1970. All this time I had denied having a problem. Boy was I ever wrong! We have purchased the Halo, the iPhone compatible hearing aids. I have to tell you that I have been missing out on at least 75 percent of conversations. I did not even realize how much I was missing. Proof to me was spending three days with my granddaughter and not once asking her to repeat herself or talk louder. It’s amazing how hearing better has improved my life!

Veda M. – Weatherford Patient

What a blessing it was to find Baxter Hearing Specialists. I had worked for 20 years with the “hard-of-hearing”, in my younger years, and know personally how important it is to meet our hearing needs. Chase is an honest, sincere and caring young man. He understood my needs and worked hard to help me and I appreciate that. Thanks Chase for helping me!

I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their hearing. he may not find the perfect answer but he will give it his all to help in any way he can.

Bobby W. – Waco Patient

Dale Wallace has been my hearing aid dispenser and adjuster for many years. He never once failed to be a perfect gentleman as well as a trusted professional with my hearing needs. Most of all he always is more than patient and will listen first and then act on any problems I may have.

I have worn hearing aids for almost 25 years and have used other dispensers around Waco. Most put forth just enough effort to make the “sale” and then ‘good luck’! Some have been better than others but until I met Dale and Mike and experienced their care and competence, I was only hopeful for a good experience.

I am happy to know that when I visit Dale at Baxter Hearing Specialists, I will leave there with a smile and know that I am in good, caring and competent hands. Thank you for that!

Mikki J. – Weatherford Patient

I walked in the door and saw this young man, Chris, with a great big smile that lit up the room. I enjoyed looking at the display of different hearing aids. I was shown into Mr. Baxter’s office where he checked my ears and ran the test, which I found quite interesting. Afterwards, he explained the test and showed me the hearings aids that would best fit my lifestyle. I selected the Starkey adjustable ones. I have been hearing great ever since! They are always there to help.

Nelta S. – Waco Patient

I recently purchased hearing aids from Dale at Baxter Hearing Specialists. Dale gave great service and is always courteous and professional. He makes sure the client is satisfied and always stands by the product.

Bill J. – Weatherford Patient

Weatherford is very lucky to have Baxter Hearing Specialists located here. I have been doing business with them for the last three years and I am very pleased with services I have received. I would recommend them to anyone.

Shirley B. – Waco Patient

I have been doing business with Baxter Hearing Specialists for several years now. I an now in my second set of hearing aids and I have been very pleased with their services, along with the instruments.

Dennis B. – Weatherford Patient

My recent appointment at Baxter Hearing Specialists was a very pleasant experience. Chris handled the necessary basic information in a prompt and professional manner. My hearing test, as well as the extensive ear canal cleaning, was accomplished cheerfully and efficiently by Dr. Baxter. The options provided to me were clear, concise and very understandable. All follow-up contacts have been handled in the same pleasant manner.

Sharon L, Daughter of Geraldine N. – Waco Patient

I would like to thank you for your generous gift of hearing aids to Geraldine N., who lost her hearing aids in the tragic explosion in the City of West, Texas. The hearing aids were received yesterday and I was truly grateful that I could carry on a conversation again with my mother without having to speak extremely loud. Geraldine is 91 and has Macular Degeneration (legally blind). Being blind and not being able to hear properly for a month was extremely hard on her.

Dale Wallace was extremely helpful and I appreciate the kindness shown to us. My family and I wish to express thanks to the ones at Starkey who were responsible for making this happen. Thanks again!

Thanks to Baxter Hearing Specialists, L.L.C.’s Waco Specialist, Mr. Dale Wallace, and Starkey Hearing Foundation, for helping another victim of the West Texas Plant Explosion. She is now hearing very well!