John M. – Weatherford Patient

I have been coming here for 2 years and I am pleased with the services that have been provided to me by Chase Baxter and Chris Prince. They have always taken care of my needs right away and I always leave very satisfied. I would recommend them to anyone.

Pattie T. – Waco Patient

I came to Baxter Hearing on the recommendation of a friend. I had been to another clinic in town and felt that they did not meet my needs. From the first time I went in for a hearing test and exam, I felt very welcomed by the staff.

They recognized my hearing needs and made a recommendation as to how best to correct my hearing loss. The staff at Baxter Hearing has continued to service my hearing aids and to work with me as I learned to use my new instruments. I appreciate their kind and courteous service every time I go into the office. They always greet me with a smile and warm welcome.

Tom S. – Weatherford Patient

I recently purchased a set of Starkey Halo hearing aids from Baxter Hearing Specialists after several years of impaired hearing. I’ve never had hearing aids before and I was reluctant to get them due to the ‘look’ of the aids. I have only been wearing them for approximately two weeks and I am absolutely amazed at the improvement of my hearing. My wife even seems to like me again! I have also noticed that no one has noticed I am wearing them unless I tell them.

I am extremely satisfied with my new aids, the service I received from Baxter Hearing Specialists and my renewed quality of life!

Clifton N. – Waco Patient

After a year plus of being told I that I needed hearing aids, I agreed and visited several hearing aid offices before visiting Baxter Hearing Specialists. After discussing the services I would need with Dale I was convinced that this was the best place for me. I purchased my hearing aids and now after 3 years I am sure I made the right decision. During this time, the adjustments and ear checks (at no expense) have further convinced me that Baxter Hearing Specialists is the right place to go.

Mary Ann H. – Weatherford Patient

I recently brought my elderly mother to Baxter Hearing Specialists for an evaluation of her hearing. She already had hearing aids for many years. The hearing aids have never been altogether suitable because the ear molds did not fit correctly. As we discovered, the hearing aids often whined and squealed so much she would have to take them out. There is not much point in having them if you cant wear them and unfortunately she has a profound hearing loss in both ears. Her ears had become painfully sore from her pushing the ear molds further in her ears hoping to improve her situation. At Baxter Hearing Specialist, they listened carefully and took the time to discover her problem. She was fit with the wrong type of ear molds and one was made incorrectly. I am so grateful for the professionalism and caring enough to take the time to correct the problem. I highly recommend them to anyone with a hearing loss because they really care about their customers.

Mark V. – Waco Patient

Would like to acknowledge that Baxter Hearing Specialist is all about Customer Service

The things you need & look for in a hearing aid provider is all there.
The timeliness of getting your aid fixed, the understanding and care they have
that you can hear, knowledge of the latest technology and what’s best for you,
being always available and with a personal touch.

I have been a customer for years and appreciate Dale and his staff for taking care of my hearing needs.

Debby & Steven K. – Weatherford patient

Baxter Hearing Specialists is the most professional hearing specialists in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We drive quite a distance, but it is worth it for the care and service we receive. From the moment we called and scheduled or first appointment, the quality of the office was apparent. They provide excellent, compassionate care. We would recommend Baxter to anyone needing help with hearing issues!

Bill G. – Weatherford Patient

I have been wearing hearing aids since 1992 and I have updated my hearing aids approximately every three years. My last hearing aids were from a different provider. When I received a postcard for a free hearing exam from Baxter Hearing Specialists in Weatherford, which was close to my house, I decided to give them a try. Once I arrived for my appointment, sitting in the waiting room I saw they were a Starkey Hearing Aid provider. Knowing their hearing aids are made in the USA was just what I wanted. Chase Baxter gave me an excellent hearing test with up-to-date equipment and was very knowledgeable about the latest hearing devices from Starkey. Chase was also very professional. I chose the Halo hearing aids by Starkey because I can use my iPhone to make adjustments myself. I can actually hear things I forgot were out there in the world. ie crickets, frogs, and other night sounds. I can hear the pastor’s message at church on Sunday now.

Thanks Chase for restoring my hearing.

Gene & Mary B. – Weatherford Patient

We just want to say thank you all again for the wonderful care given to us on our recent visit. We are so grateful to know there are people that still believe in quality service in their work and daily lives.