Roy and Maxine B. – Weatherford Patients

Over the last 83 years, my wife has lost most of her ability to hear well. We are so thankful that Chase Baxter bought this franchise. We were at the point of not being able to communicate except by writing on paper. Chase has very patiently worked with her over a period of time and the results have been spectacular. Her original ear mold was positioned so the entrance was against the skin and very little sound was able to get through. Chase made a new ear mold and she could hear better but still with very minimal distortion. He has gone out of his way and she can hear great! This has made a tremendous difference in both of our lives. Thanks Chase! I don’t think we could have gotten these results anywhere else!

Landon T. – Weatherford Patient

Hey Chase, these ear monitors are great!!! Thanks for pushing me to get these instead of Alien Ears. These blow them away and they’re a great fit and seal too. I wanted to send you these pictures of me wearing them at a gig. Thanks again!

Tuesday B. – Weatherford Patient

Wow, is all I can say!!! Baxter Hearing Specialists, L.L.C. not only helped improve my hearing, but also my life! I was not aware how bad my hearing was, but my sweet husband told me it was time to get my ears tested. I was constantly guessing what people said, piecing sentences together by what I could hear and getting frustrated cause “everyone mumbled”. Come to find out it wasn’t them…it was me. I am so thankful that I chose Baxter Hearing Specialists. They were so professional and knowledgeable. They listened, they answered questions, they educated me and they helped give me back my hearing. I’m so thankful and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Chase and Chris! You guys rock!!

Randy U. – Weatherford Patient

My hearing aids have been most beneficial. I found myself withdrawing and not interested in multi-sound settings like restaurants, family gatherings, sporting events, ect. I am now able to decipher sounds and voices. Before it was extremely difficult to differentiate between sounds but now those same sounds are softer and more distinguishable. I am very satisfied with my new hearing aids. These aids have put me back in touch!

Brenda B. – Weatherford Office

I have used hearing aids since I was a teenager, with the Starkey Halo aid this is the clearest I have ever heard and I have used many other brands during the years. The conversations are much more clear and easier to understand. The television volume is even lower now. The use with the iPhone application has improved the understanding of phone conversations without the visual cues, the clarity of the music and video streaming is so awesome. I am thankful for the people working with the hearing impaired that they have come up with a aid that is so useful in improving the life of the wearer. The Baxter Hearing specialists have been so instrumental in ensuring my success with the new aids and the personal and professional treatment that I received is awesome.

Greg B. – Weatherford Patient

I have received the best hearing aids in my lifetime. The Starkey Halo aids with the functionality with the iPhone has enabled me to hear the conversations on my phone and music so clearly. The aids have made it possible to hear and understand conversations across the room and the television sound is much lower now. I am completely pleased with the process and the professional respect given to me. I would completely recommend the Baxter Hearing specialist and the Starkey hearing aids.

Marcia M. – Weatherford Patient

Christine L. – Weatherford Patient

I have been experiencing hearing trouble with both of my ears for many years. Now that I have my new hearing aids I have been able to hear sounds like a clock chime, turn signals in a car, the microwave beeping, TV noises and much more. Before hearing aids, my hearing was so bad that I had my phone disconnected. I can now go out to restaurants and hear the group I’m with. I haven’t gone to a movie as of yet but I’m excited for the new experience with my new hearing aids! My social life has changed for the better!

The guys at Baxter Hearing Specialists are just two of the greatest guys. They take their time and make you feel as if you are the only person there. The follow ups have been very good. God bless these guys!

Judy A. – Weatherford Patient

It’s so wonderful to be able to hear again! Its taking me some time to get to know the sounds again but I will learn.